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The Mushroom Elves

The mushroom elves, a story inspired by long walks in the forest.

Let’s forget everything you know about the earth and dive deep within the hidden secrets of mother Nature. For an empty cup is more easily filled with wonder. This is a tale about nature spirits, curious beings, seldom seen by close-hearted people.

Let me present to you: The Mushroom elves. These are small elves, with a small light brown or white body, a friendly face and a big hairdo closely resembling a mushroom cap. They have pointy ears and they wear flowy dress-like garments in the same brown and white colours.

Every once in a while, when a new mushroom finds its feet in the soil, an elf is born. This time, the spirit of a small being, named Tuyi stepped into the light. At first, she stayed within the mushroom. Experiencing it grow and feeling the nutrients, coming from the soil, being transformed. She enjoyed the sun, the rain and the forest lights. But after a while she began to outgrow that life. She emerged out of the shell the mushroom provided and showed her true form at the world. Innocent and playful, like most small nature spirits, she began to explore the forest.

It did not take long before Tuyi encountered some of her own kind, strolling through the forest. As the mushroom elves are no solitary beings, they stuck together and lived in group. Tuyi lived a happy life, filled with laughter. Together with her brothers and sisters, she liked to play tricks on animals and people. Pulling the fox’s tail, making people stumble over wooden braches and hiding the squirrel’s nuts. To some these tricks might seem rude, but they didn’t mean any harm. Their simple nature is playful and innocent, leaving little room for thoughtfulness. They only see the laughter in it, not the potential harm. In their heart they are positive creatures. That is why they didn’t think twice when mother Nature called for help.

Because more nature spirits lurked in the realms of the forest. Some of them good, but some of them bad. These negative creatures could arise as a result of a bad event.

As is the case for mushrooms, every once in a while, there would linger a young spirit in a tree, not yet ready to emerge. When that tree is cut down with bad intentions, somethings goes wrong with the spirit and it turns evil. As trees have much power within them, these can become very mighty evil spirits. Such a thing happened in the same forest as Tuyi was living.

The energy in the forest was highly affected by this evil spirit. As the spirit attracted negative energy, bad things would happen. Soils would rot, little birds would fall out of their nest and people who got to close by would get into fights. Luckily, Tuyi and her family were not far off when this happened. Without hesitation they merged their positive energy into one ball of light and forced it to mingle with the negative energy coming from the evil tree spirit. The two forces lifted each other, eliminating all that was negative. Tuyi and her fellow mushroom elves disappeared from the earth.

On the exact location of this event, a mushroom circle grew. And inside one of those new mushrooms, a fresh spirit lingered. This way, mother Nature keeps balance in life, tilting it slowly towards the positive end of the spectrum.

The end.


While walking through the autumn forests, this tale started lingering in me.



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