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Hei and welcome!

My name is Ellen and I'm a marine scientist turned writer and artist, guide and yoga teacher. 


I was born in Ghent in 1991, but never really felt at home where I grew up. After studying Geology and obtaining my masters degree in the Marine Sciences, I worked at consulting and engineering firms in Belgium for 4 years. But it was very clear to me that this was not the life for me. 


Thus I set out on a journey to find that life. When I was 26, I moved to Iceland, where I lived in the Westfjords of Iceland. A place that changed my life completely. 2 years later, in July 2020 I moved to Norway together with my husband Koen. For 2 amazing summer seasons I worked as a whale watching guide and museum guide in Northern Norway. Right on the frontline of Mother Earths battle to create a deeper relation with its people. Giving a guiding hand in meeting, learning and caring about the ocean's mythical inhabitants and forging a promise. The promise of taking better care of our home.


We settled down in the most beautiful fjord of Norway, the Nordfjord. There we bought our old little house that is slowly turning into our home. The wild landscape of the North, with its big contrasts and unapologetic weather, is an endless source of inspiration for me. The biggest metaphor, the largest mirror of life.


Being an eternal student of life, I want to show that big life changes do not happen without a million small changes. That there are days that it goes easy, but as many days that it is not. That physical changes require mental changes. I want to show realness. Because there are already enough perfect lives out there on the internet. There is not enough talk about the mental mess that accompanies chasing big dreams. 


Closing the gap between the people living their dream and the ones with 'normal lives'. Showing that life can be different. Showing how that there is a path from here to there. What I can do, you can do. 


I'm a passionate writer, artist, guide and teacher, on a journey into myself and out into the world. 

You are so very welcome here.

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University Bachelor in Geology

University Master in Marine Science and Nature Conservation


One-year education in all-round nutrition through a European recognized distance education school

Herbology and Natural Medicin course: Only 50% completed on account of Covid-19 pandemic and emigration to Norway


220 Hour | Integral Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training certified by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) level 1

75 Hour | Yin Yang Yoga Basis Training


Ongoing education in: 75 Hour | Yin Yang Yoga Advanced course


10+ years experience as guide

STCW Basic Training

STCW Crowd and Crisis Management

SRC (VHF) Certificate

D5L Recreational Craft Operators

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