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The Lady of Land and Sky

The lady of land and sky, a story for Ívaf Knitwear in the Westfjords of Iceland.

“No no no no no! Ooh no!” Sigga mumbled panicking. She had drifted too far off and all around her the clouds were evaporating quickly in the morning sun. Jumping from one cloud to another, she tried to go back to the high fields. But it was pointless. Sigga didn’t even know where she was exactly.

Last night had been one big stupid mistake. One that they were warned about again and again. Never ride a storm. Everyone of the sky folk knew this. It was seldom survived. But when it was... they came back telling about the craziest adventures in land far away. Now Sigga belonged to the first group, for she had no cloud to stand on anymore.

Light as a feather she fell out of the sky. Getting heavier as she went, before submerging into freezing cold salty waves. She surfaced again surrounded by floating golden ice. The sun was just rising above the horizon, putting the whole ocean on fire. It was snowing. Sigga turned her face towards the sky, feeling little droplets of ice cold red, yellow and orange melting on her skin. She knew in that moment that she could never return to the sky, for she had touched the earth. But at the same time, it was so beautiful.

“Hey girl! Hello!” A man’s voice called. “She is alive!” “Men, get the net, we have to pull her out of the water!” Sigga opened her eyes and saw a ship brake a thin layer of ice in its way. The ice broke up, making Sigga to look up as through an amber window. Up to the captain on deck of the ship, overseeing his men handling the net. After pulling her out of the ocean, the captain brought Sigga north, to one of the little villages on the north coast of the world.

From the moment she touched to earth, Sigga’s mind was divided. Torn between her longing memories of the winds and freedom of the sky and the beauty of the land surrounding her. She was amazed to discover all the new colours and patterns of the plants and rocks.

Although she learned to love the earth, she couldn’t stop longing for the warmth of a life above the clouds. For the lands in the north had a cold and harsh climate. That is why the sky people send down clouds to inhabit the lands. They gave them legs to run and a brain to think for their own. Sigga took their fluffy fur and inspired by the colours and patterns of the earth, she knitted garments that reminded her of the days under the sun. Soon she could share with the whole land.

The end.


I got inspired by Sigga, the mind behind Ívaf Knitwear. A sustainable knit brand from the Westfjords of Iceland. Read more about it here.



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