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About the Slippery Slope of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland.

About the Slippery Slope of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.

We were sitting in the breakfast area of a cosy B&B, 3 kilometres outside the city centre of Edinburgh. Between us lied some toast, half a grapefruit, baked tomato, scrambled eggs and a city map. “What if we take this detour right here on our way to the centre today?” I asked while pointing at the map. “It might indeed be a good idea to climb to the top first thing today, while we’re still fit”. Koen answered.

Shortly after we were looking at what seemed to be a seriously slippery narrow path up the mountain. “It did freeze last night.” Koen said helpful. “I assume it’s still freezing…” I added unenthusiastically. “You sure this is the best way up? I thought there was a broad path up as well.” “No no, this will do just fine!” Koen said before he started skating up. I carefully started following him, but soon fell hopelessly behind. Koen always had a thing for gliding and sliding. Apparently, something about adrenaline I never quite understood. The only adrenaline I know is a crippling fear of gliding and sliding uncontrollably.

The narrow path changed into steps, each topped with a thin layer of frozen water. When the steps changed again in a steep path upwards, I had to take hold of the vegetation in order not to slip on the frozen mud, back down to Arthur’s feet. Although I have to confess that Koen did help me more that said vegetation.

Despite the cold, we came up the lower top of the mountain with bare arms. Together with other slipping people that morning, we attempted to go up the muddy slide that was the last part to the actual top. Although Edinburgh was flooded with a great many tourist, all coming to celebrate famous Hogmanay, few people were on top of that mountain that day.

About the Slippery Slope of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.

We reached the top of Arthur’s Seat a little after midday, a lot muddier than 2 hours before. The view was definitely worth it. Looking over the sea, the lands of Scotland and the city of Edinburgh. Breathing the sea on top of a mountain is one of my greatest pleasures.

We found the broad path to go back down. Seems I have a thing for accidentally taking the hardest route up on any mountain. Although the path certainly was easier and more straightforward, I did need my hands and feet to go down the first icy part.

But what should a trip to Scotland be without muddy gloves.

About the Slippery Slope of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.


Arthur’s Seat is one of the main attractions when visiting Edinburgh. Even if one is there to experience Hogmanay. Take a step to the top of the city before stepping into the new year. With a fresh breath and an open mind. Find all information about Hogmanay here:



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