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We are all on a journey on this earth.
And we have more in common than we think.
Hopes, dreams and fears.
So why not journey together?
You are very welcome on mine.


Meet your guide

My name is Ellen

I'm a marine scientist turned writer, artist, guide and yoga teacher. 

Read more about my passions and qualifications :

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Personalised Yoga

I offer yoga classes especially made for you. 

Both for private persons, groups and for companies. 

Together we find out your specific needs and make a plan as to get from here to there. 

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Holistic living, Nutrition
and Spiritual Guidance

We feed ourselves much more than food alone.

Together we find a balanced, intuitive lifestyle, not focused on performance, but on wellbeing.

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Bringing people into closer contact with nature and themselves (because we are part of nature), is one of my biggest passions in life.

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Art Commissions

By combining your vision with my style, we create something completely unique!

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Writing Commissions

I write about everything related to living in the North. From culture shocks to personal growth.

Marie Kristine Kroken, Norway

“Yoga right by the fjord provides an extra experience. Good for body and soul. Ellen provides safe and friendly guidance, so you always feel like you're getting it done. It feels so good afterwards!"

Wild Selkie Art

Flowing art inspired by the waves and spirals of life and the ocean.

Wild Selkie Art embodies transformation and balance between reality and the spirit world. 



Writing is a journey.

Into myself and

out into the world.

Tales escape from the borders of the mystical.

Sometimes I catch them.

What is a columnist

if not a

wanderer of the mind?

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