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Hei! Welcome to my blog! 


My name is Ellen. I was born in Ghent in 1991, but the countries in the north have stolen my heart. When I was 26, I moved to Iceland, where I lived in the Westfjords of Iceland. A place I still consider my second home and that changed my life completely. 2 years later, in July 2020 I moved to the most beautiful fjord of Norway, close to the country's West Cape.

I have a background in Geology and Marine Biology and my greatest accomplishment is becoming a whale watching guide. Right on the frontline of Mother Earths battle to create a deeper relation with its people. Giving a guiding hand in meeting, learning and caring about the ocean's mythical inhabitants and forging a promise. The promise of taking better care of our home.

The wild landscape of the North, with its big contrasts and unapologetic weather, is an endless source of inspiration for me. The biggest metaphor, the largest mirror of life.

I want to show that big life changes do not happen without a million small changes. That there are days that it goes easy, but as many days that it is not. That physical changes require mental changes. 


I want to show realness. Because there are already enough perfect lives out there on the internet. There is not enough talk about the mental mess that accompagnies chasing big dreams. I want to close the gap between the people living their dream and the ones with 'normal lives'. I want to show that life can be different. I want to show that there is a path from here to there. What I can do, you can do. 


I'm a passionate (amateur) artist and creator, on a journey into myself and out into the world.

Writing is a journey.

Into myself and out into the world.

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Tales escape from the borders of the mystical. Sometimes I catch them.

What is a columnist if not

a wanderer of mind?

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Amateur photography.

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I just can't keep this beautiful

part of the world,

that I call home now, just to myself.

Organized group traveling.

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I vlog my life in Norway.

So if you're curious to our old Norwegian house renovations for example,

head over to my YouTube channel!

I'm also dedicated in helping other people fulfill their dream of moving to Norway.

Head over to find these videos full of tips!


My artwork is inspired by the waves and spirals of life and the ocean. 

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