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Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga is a transformative, effective, wholesome and complete form of yoga, which is often referred to as "the yoga of consciousness".

Yoga style can be compared to the way acupuncture works. With different methods, physical and repetitive exercises, breath, use of fingers and sound, with the aim of stimulating organs, glands and nerves, which have a great effect on physical and mental well-being.


Classes consist of physical education,
breathing exercises, meditation and mantra.​

Hours can be calm, demanding or in between.


We focus especially on the core, spine and the energy that lives in between.

Our body is a manifestation

between heaven and earth.

With Kundalini Yoga you create that bridge.

Wake up the sun within!

Kundalini Yoga Outdoor Meditation

Yin Yang Yoga

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An hour where we feel the extremes between rest and activity, Yin and Yang.

The class contains both demanding physical exercises and total rest and recovery.

The first part of class is vinyasa style and towards the end we go to slower and longer poses.

Yoga Pose Looking Up

Yin Yoga

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Traditional Yin Yoga is a medical form of yoga that works on the whole body by stimulating the internal structures.


Through its calm form, we effectively calm down the nervous system.


With long holds of positions, we learn how to breathe deeply and be present.

Yoga with Props

Calm / 60+- Yoga

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The class is suitable for the elderly and people with wrist and shoulder problems.

It is a calm yoga class where we avoid the most common yoga exercises that are stressful for these joints.


We effectively with reduced mobility in the body.

We take advantage of the enormous health benefits of different styles of yoga, such as kundalini movements and long yin holds that come together in a soft flow without putting too much weight on our hands.

Yoga Class for all Ages
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