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The Lonely Snow Rabbit

The lonely snow rabbit, a magic story in a snowy land.

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit that knew how to lay eggs. She lived in a beautiful land, with hills running all the way to the horizon and trees that softly moved with the wind. There was only one season, a never ending winter. But it wasn’t a harsh and nasty winter. No, it was a winter full of fluffy snow and gentle breezes that made the falling snow like swirling figures. In this vast land, coldness ruled. Luckily the rabbit had a thick fur and well isolated paws.

The eggs she laid were made of chocolate. In the span of her lifetime, she had laid many eggs. Some small, some big, some dark and some white. Every egg had its own place in her nest in the snow. Each and one of them, hard, solid and unscratched because of the endless cold.

One day, the rabbit started to feel lonely. Days became weeks and weeks became months. Further and further she wandered away from her nest. One day she encountered a small creek. She talked for a long time about her loneliness to the rippling water. The water answered. It told her to that it would show her the way to happiness. All she had to do was put all her eggs in a big backpack and follow the stream.

Therefor she collected all her eggs and placed them carefully in a big bag together with fresh snow. And then she went, travelling along the water. It told her to only travel at night, when temperatures were lower. Before dawn she dug a hole under the earth to sleep during the day. This way, she travelled further and further to the south. It was after a long time, that she arrived at lands where the sun was covering the earth with her warmth during the day.

When dawn draw near, she started to look for a spot to dig a hole to sleep. But the road along the water was so rocky that digging was off no use. The rabbit was frightened when the sun started to rise, for she had never seen such light. Her fear rose when her bag started to warm in the sun. Worried she took the eggs out of the molten snow and placed them on the ground. They had lost their shiny glow, for they were no longer hard as stone. The precious eggs were now melting in the sun.

The rabbit was desperate; her eggs was all she had. But there was no protection she could offer. While the melting continued, the eggs started to move. Full of wonder, the rabbit watched how little rabbits appeared out of the molten chocolate remains.

She would never be alone again. Together they lived a long and happy life under the sun.

The end.


Sometimes you have to take a risk; and everything have to seem as if it will go wrong, before you get it right. You’re exactly where you have to be.

This was actually the first story I ever wrote, more than 10 years ago. I visited it again and decided to only slightly touch it up.

Dutch movie here / Nederlandstalige film hier.

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