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Sailing from Denmark to Seyðisfjörður, Iceland with Smyrilline

Seydisfjördur, Iceland.

Sailing in to Seyðisfjörður, Iceland with Smyril Line.

I woke up in complete darkness in a very disorienting room without a window. Koen switched on the light and activated the little TV. A grainy image of the bow of the ship appeared together with a crackling sound, vaguely representing the strong winds. The blurry blue sky on the screen promised much more fresh air than this tiny cabin had to offer.

We got dressed very quickly. I was already out the door when Koen was still collecting some breakfast from our little stack of food on the table. Because of course we didn’t pay for the daily breakfast buffet. Or any buffet at all.

My steady pace through the hallway betrayed quite a calm sea and as I pulled open the heavy door, the most amazing fresh air blowed full force into my face. My long hair found its way into every crevice of my head. My eyes, my nose, my mouth. While attempting to see through this suddenly created birds nest, I continued my way to the large deck in front of the bow. The ship was just about to sail into Seydisfjordur. A breathtaking experience followed. The sea was calm, the sky was clear, the wind was awake and the view was astonishing. Fairytale mountains rose from the waters of the fjord and never had I felled an air that fresh. This is where I fell in love.

A few moment later, Koen arrived on deck, hands full of breakfast. The man knows his priorities. As we gazed our eyes out, the ship entered the harbor. We arrived the same way as those discovering Iceland so many years ago. By ship. Best decision ever.

Sailing in to Seyðisfjörður, Iceland with Smyril Line.


If you want to add an extra dimension to your visit to Iceland, I highly recommend sailing with Smyril Line ( If you happen to come through the European mainland off course. Included is a stop in Torshavn. If you like to be thrown from one side to another in the water, I also recommend using the pool they have on the lowest deck. Enjoy!

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