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Dance of the cosmos

Dance of the cosmos. Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Oslo.

The turning of the year brought a lightness, floating over the water at fjord’s end. Just noticeable at the horizon. Too subtle to discern yet. It came to me a few sunsets after the turning of the wheel. On that hour of the day where the sky is pink and only the brightest stars stand in the sky. A calmness, as if the air was suddenly less heavy.

The journey of the moon, coming to a first full of the year on the 7th of January, led me back to Oslo for the 4th gathering of the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Northern Light. And it was the moon guiding us through.

In our western society, we love to downplay, ignore or even deny the effect of the lunar cycle on the human body. Even though we very well understand how she dances as a perfect pair with the oceans of our world. Rolling the ebb and flow around and around.

And still, she does this without disturbing the currents of ocean and sky. Such enormous bodies of water, not only moving between the bottom of the ocean and continents, but also in the atmosphere. Huge convection belts of cold and warm, sustaining their own journey across the earth. Huge pressure systems, the play of always reaching for balance, forever chasing it over our very heads in an atmospheric choreography.

Dance of the cosmos. Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Oslo.

It can sometimes seem like a battle between science and spirituality. Students of both, denouncing the others for a lack of insight and common sense.

But it is not a polarity, it is a spectrum.

Scientist are so honest in admitting just how little we understand of it all. Then doesn’t it sound crazy to denounce the intuition that can bring us further?

Science is how far the human collective has come thus far in the current remembered history. It is the collection of humanities intellect, curiosity, endurance, steadiness, grind, diligence and precision, to understand the world around them and use this knowledge about the nature of ourselves as building blocks to reach out towards present and past. To denounce the works and findings of science is to denounce a very part of human nature and thousands of years of ancestral human intellect.

It hurts me a bit, every time I see a student of spirituality and metascience condemn or pull away from science in favour for the pure intuitive. How can you speak about aura, when you don’t appreciate the workings of electromagnetism and the torus?

And students of science, how can you talk about the tides when you ignore the effect of the moon on your menstruating colleagues and employees?

When you confine metascience for nonsense and impossible idiocy, you disregard the very energy that drives scientific pioneers. That thrust, that knowledge, that certainty that lies beyond the horizon of the mind. And by that very thrust in the beyond, in the unknown, they are able to reach through the mind and pull in understanding of the manifestations of that pull in the first place.

Everything is a circle, after the 9 comes a 10, which is actually a 1 again in numerology. And as Anand Raj so beautiful explained on the Thursday before and on the Friday of the teacher-training-gathering, this year’s leading number is 7 (2+0+2+3). The number of the mind. Accompanied by the amazing opportunity og getting ourselves out of the good and bad, back in the curiosity and the knowing of the beyond.

Dance of the cosmos. Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Oslo.

The amazing thing about science is the confirmation and understanding it gives about certain experiences and observations. We see objects falling towards the earth in a very real observation and we confirmed this by gaining an understanding about gravity and planetary weight.

Metascience does exactly that. It confirms that my very real experiences and observations are in fact real. And that I’m maybe not going crazy after all. For me there is a great safety in understanding the workings of existence. And with understanding comes acceptance, love and inspiration. A self-sustaining circle. 1 to 9 to 1.

We started exploring these themes in this 4th module of the teacher training. Yogic anatomy and science. Some of my favourite subjects. To bring the categorising and intuitive energies together. And so, we are back to sun and moon. Science and metascience. Lunar and solar. Feminine and masculine. A very triggering subject nowadays. But just as we see with the earth, the energies can play in perfect harmony within and between us.

As was quoted from last weekend: “The moon doesn’t light up without the sun, and the sun can’t see its own brightness without this cosmic mirror”

Do you feel resistance against one or the order? I invite you to see beyond the good-bad pendulum of the mind. Reach in and learn! Maybe you find out too, that it only enriches your personal practise.

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