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The Tale of Elsa and Kofri

The tale of Elsa and Kofri, a story for Sætt & Salt Súkkulaði in Súðavík in the Westfjords of Iceland.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Elsa. Who lived by the sea in the far North. She was born with a large piece of imagination in her head, of which the roots went all the way to her heart. There, a seed would mature, while she grew older.

One day, while Elsa was walking between the mountains, she met a small rock. “What are you doing here, little rock?” Elsa asked, for it was all alone. “I got here through a landslide, not long ago.” The rock said. “Will you be my friend? I don’t know anyone here yet. My name is Kofri!” And so, it came that Elsa en Kofri became friends.

It didn’t take long before they became inseparable. Elsa would take Kofri everywhere. But as Elsa grew older, Kofri grew bigger as well. Soon she had to carry him around in a wheelbarrow. When that became to hard as well, Elsa decided to settle down. She put Kofri down and build her house next to the small hill Kofri had become.

As they grew older, Elsa would sit in her garden, next to the warm rough rocks of Kofri. They talked about many things. Kofri would tell her of the time before they met, when he lived high up in the mountains and Elsa would tell him about the seed that had matured in her heart. Kofri became very intrigued by it.

But when Kofri started to turn into a real mountain, he grew more and more silent, as he felt his thoughts slowing down and his flanks getting cold. He also began to think about Elsa and the seed in her heart. So he called for her. “Elsa.” He said. “My warmth has almost faded away and I grew so big that you have to climb for 2 hours to be able to talk to me. Soon my mind will be gone.”

Elsa had felt it coming, but she was still sad when he spoke his words of goodbye. On their last day, they took the seed out of Elsa’s heart and planted it in the still warm soil at Kofri’s feet. “I shall honour you with what shall come from it.” Elsa promised him. The seed sprouted in Kofri’s last warmth and there grew a cacao tree. Tall and strong it grew. In the now fertile grounds at Kofri’s feet, more herbs, plants and berries started to grow as well.

Thus, Elsa took the cacao beans from the tree, the plants from the land and the salt from the sea. Through that unity, Kofri continued to take care for her.

The end.


I got the inspiration after meeting the wonderful woman behind Sætt & Salt súkkulaði in Súðavík in the Westfjords of Iceland. Read more about it here.



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