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A Midsummer Dream in an enchanted Nordic Forest

Inspired by lucid dreams and the mythical, magical Norwegian Midsummer.

Yesterday, I woke up in my dream. Suddenly I became aware of the reality around me. The warm breeze touching my skin. The sunlight, hidden between the trees and teasing my eyes. The sound of the river. The sound of the forest. The songs of the birds.

I always have the same reflexes, when I become aware that I am indeed dreaming. When I somehow unconsciously teleported myself to a magical wonderland. It feels like a slingshot into being present in its most absolute and complete form.

The first thing I do after realizing that I’m in a different time space reality, is to touch. As if touching my surroundings will convince me that this is not a dream. And at the same time, it is. It is real.

I touch the ground, feeling its texture. I touch the trees, feeling the life under my hands. This is real. I am here. I am now. All else is forgotten. I have complete permission to be. To be here. Where ever that may be.

So, curiousness arrives. Where am I? Why did I come here? I start wandering around, exploring this fairy-tale world. My bare feet on the moss. I notice every little detail. Never am I more present than in these waking dreams. A lesson to be learned. The lesson of being present. This place is energy. I am energy.

As I walk in the enchanted forest with golden sparkles all around, I feel like I am the mean character in a magical story. And then I remember. We are all the mean character. We are all perceiving and experiencing life from our perspective. Something we should honour more.

But in the end, I always come back to the water. Where ever it is that I have travelled. Whatever world I have woken up to. I always find the water.

I greet the water; I play with it. It is perfect for me. The feeling, the sounds, the smell. And when I submerge, there is no distinction anymore between me and the stream. No boundary. We are part of each other, me and the water.

The surface reflects so many colours. I’m enchanted by the light, the eternal light. Lighting my way even in the deepest hours of the night. These days, it doesn’t get dark. It is midsummer. So, how could I be asleep. I’m fully awake, fully aware.

After all, the world around us, is a reflection of something inside of us. I never have to leave this place. I carry it with me, for all of time. For all of now. Something in me, is so beautiful, so magical. It persisted, even after so many years of feeling unlovable.

For now, both can exist in my conscious awareness. You are the creator of your own life. But at the same time, your lifeforce is the creator of you. Go and be magical.



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