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What if you got the chance to resynchronise yourself

and claim your rightful place in the cycle of life and universe.

Would you take it?

Experience the magic of rewilding firsthand.

Why combining


and Paganism?

I believe in the power of channeling and drawing from the living traditions of World and Eastern spirituality to reconnect with the practices and magic of European traditions.


By embracing the wild within and tapping into these ancient traditions,

we can unlock new levels of vitality, creativity, and spiritual growth.

There are so many similarities throughout the different branches of spiritual practice the world knows, many different ways and names to work with the same energies.

For me, to work with these different branches, is a matter of widening my bandwide.

Using dear practises like kundalini yoga, I use a living spiritual tradition which has such an enormous libary of information and such a rich technology, to widden my bandwide, make space in my own channels, as to come into contact and remember the ways we used to work with the same energies here in Europe.

The memories are in the soil, and so much living information has been lost.

For me it's not a matter of this practice belongs to those and thus practice belongs to us.

It's a matter of, how can we complement each other and use each other technologies to remember that what is forgotten, like we are one people of the earth.

So yes I combine Kundalini and celtic/norse paganism and animism.

As the wheel of the year turns and the seasons shift, there's no better time to tap into the essence of your being and reconnect.


With an unique blend of Kundalini yoga and Pagan practices, I offer a powerful opportunity to embrace the wild within and rediscover the magic that surrounds us.

Wheel of the Year

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