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On top of Andøya Island in Vesterålen, Norway

Måtinden, Andøya, Vesterålen, Norway.

On top of Måtinden on Andøya Island in Vesterålen, Norway.

Although I had seen this particular view on more than a hundred Instagram posts, it was still surreal to be here. Like meeting a celebrity in real life.

Over the course of the last weeks, I got the chance to get to know this little world that was the island of Andøya. Although being in the far north of Norway, the land felt strangely like a tropical island, especially with nice summer weather. The light blue ocean water, calmed by skerries further out at sea, the white beaches and the green mountains peaks, rising dramatically to the sky.

Now I felt right on top of this little world. I felt very small and very big at the same time. But as I looked from the breaking waves all the way to the horizon, I mostly felt grateful.

On top of Måtinden on Andøya Island in Vesterålen, Norway.


You can start the hike either in Bleik or on the carpark on the road from Bleik to Stave, the latter being easier. Both trails are clearly marked in the UT app.

From the car park you will walk through a Birch forest first, before coming out above the tree line. There the path will lead you on a steeper part that goes over large loose boulders, you will have to be a bit careful here.

When you come over this steeper part, you will reach a first peak. From here the path goes over gentle slopes in the highlands of Andøya. The views will be very nice already!

After a while, you will see the peak of Måtinden straight ahead of you. The last part of the path goes a bit steeper again, which only adds to the triumphant feeling once you’re up!

Overall it isn’t a difficult hike, but still very rewarding!

On top of Måtinden on Andøya Island in Vesterålen, Norway.


Even though Måtinden is only 408 meters high, you will feel right on top of the miniature world that is Andøya. Lush green mountains, rising straight out of the light blue ocean water, will give you a surreal feeling!