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Living at 69 degrees North in Norway. Memories from Vesterålen.

Living at 69 degrees North in Norway. Memories from Vesterålen.

The news that I was going to spend a few weeks in Northern Norway, in Vesterålen, came rather unexpected. It was something I had anticipated in January, but with everything that happened in the world, all pretty much cancelled. Especially in tourism.

After we moved to Norway, in the beginning of July, it had left my mind completely. But then, tourism within Norway boomed. ‘Hjemmeferie’ they called it: ‘home-vacation’. There were enough people travelling to the north, to receive an email if I still wanted to come up. They needed more whale watching guides! Curious what it was like, working as a whale watching guide? Watch the video here!

And so, I ended up in this magical place in Northern Norway. Living and working here, by the ocean, for 24 days.

During those days under the light, I absorbed the atmosphere of this special place. I opened my heart to the sea again. It is like I always forget how much I love the ocean when I’m not near it. Allowing me to rediscover this love again and again.

Salt water grounds me. The smell in the air, the sand between my toes, challenging the coldness of the water, soaking in mother earths electrolytes. It makes my blood stream easier and my breathing slower.

The sound of the waves brings up a childlike joy inside me. It’s like a massage for my brain. I feel more at peace. At peace with the past, the present and all the possibilities of the future.

The ocean can be such a mirror to the soul, in all its aspects.

Living at 69 degrees North in Norway. Memories from Vesterålen.

The more north you go, the more amplified the characteristics of these Nordic summers. The less dark it gets. You get the effect of a merged sunrise and sunset, making it twice as beautiful.

But it’s not only about the light in this place. It’s about the white sand beaches, the light blue ocean water. About the thousand skerries in the water.

It’s about the landscape raising upwards from the water. Because they rise directly from the sea, the ragged mountains appear higher than they are. Hiking those green peaks makes you feel right on top of this miniature world.

And it’s so quiet here. There is nothing going on, but in the best way. The atmosphere is lazy, almost sleepy. Like a long summer slumber. I was lucky enough to enjoy a lot of warm days. Warm enough to even take a plunge into the cold water.

And when you’re there under the sun, with your feet in the light blue water, looking up to the green mountains rising over the white sandy beaches, you can feel that our earth has everything you need.


This place got under my skin. Giving me what I needed without me knowing what it was.

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