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The story of Ívaf Knitwear


“I started knitting when I was only 8 years old.” Sigga told me. “I noticed everyone here in Iceland knows how to knit.” I commented. “Well yes, it was and is taught in school. My very first own design was a very funny looking hat, very long and with pompoms. I was proud enough to wear it!” “But your arts have improved significantly over time I see! When did the idea of starting a knitwear brand began?” I asked. “Well it all began in 2015. I had made a sweater and hat for my boyfriend, who works as a captain on a sailboat. He got so many compliments on it and people were constantly asking where they could by a sweater and hat like that. This sparked the idea of taking my knitting to another level.” Sigga answered. “Also, here in the Westfjords of Iceland, there is an abundance of people turning their ideas into a business of their own. It’s easy to get inspired by that. Somehow the opportunities are greater here.” She added.

“Did your start-up grow fast?” I asked interested. “It has grown slow but steady over the last 3 years. I started selling in some local shops and in the National Gallery in Reykjavik.” Sigga told me. “I also now that here in Iceland, lots of things spread by word of mouth. Has that helped you?” I asked. “Certainly yes, also social media is a big help these days. Recently I started my webshop, so my products will be made more accessible.” Sigga added. “Sounds wonderful!”

“Now lets talk inspiration. Where do your ideas come from?” I redirect the conversation. “It is quite random to be honest. Sometimes I’m inspired by a colour combination that I see out of the windscreen while driving from Ísafjörður to Reykjavík.” “I imagine you can think about many things while driving for 6-7 hours by yourself?” I asked. “Yes! Most recently an idea for a kids sweater was inspired by a tiny rainbow created on the floor of an airplane by light shining through the window. I don’t have a very structured process, a lot is done through trial and error.” Sigga answered. 


“So where do you see yourself go with this? Ívaf is not your full-time job at the moment?” I asked. “No, at the moment I work as a physicist at the Icelandic Meteorological Office in hazard assessment for avalanches and landslides.” Sigga answered. “That is really impressive! Is it easy to balance out your life with everything that you’re doing?” I reacted. “I have made it a priority to spent time with my boy before and after kindergarten. As a result I use quite many evenings and weekends to work on Ívaf.” “But doing what you love and working towards your goals is really worth it.” I conclude the conversation.


“Ívaf is the Icelandic word for weft or filling, the thread that travels from side to side in a woven fabric.”


The process


“I like to create interesting multicolour combinations, geometric patterns and textured fabrics. Mainly through knitting, which is my passion.” Sigga said. “It’s a wonderful way to express my creativity and in the same time use Icelandic wool to create sustainable pieces which will keep you warm in the harsh Icelandic climate.”

The products


Ívaf stands for handcrafted woollen knitwear. The brand caries quality and sustainability high on the banner. Colourful and with interesting patterns, they have a way of channelling nature’s joy and playfulness.The garments are known to last more than a decade. Please visit her webshop and treat yourself!

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