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Holistic living & Nutrition

We feed ourselves much more
than food alone.

Are you tired of diets and ready to listen to

your personal physical, mental and spiritual needs?

Together we find a balanced, intuitive lifestyle,

not focused on performance, but on wellbeing.

I'm a born intuitive and love the combination of science and spirituality

when it comes to healthy living, eating and thinking.

With a master’s degree in science, a deep interest in the human body and additional studies in nutrition, I’m motivated to help you on your journey.

I come from a long history of digestion problems which began

very early on in my childhood. Those led to physical and mental problems around food in my teens. Dissappointed in the medical system,

I took charge of my health, now 15 years ago.

The biggest thing I learned is that our society

has a very sad 'normal' when it comes to food.

The second biggest thing I learned is everything is connected,

from the food itself, our unique body and make-up, our upbringing,

our soul's journey and the way of our mind,

to the health and whole ecosystem of our mother earth. 

My own story gave me deep lessons and an understanding that

how we nurture ourselves and how we digest,

has with much more to do, than with food alone. 

I strongly believe in a holistic approach, good for body, mind, soul and with a deep love and kindness for our mother earth and all its animals.

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Holistic living & Spiritual

Guidance means that I will help to think about spiritual issues and concerns in an affirming, non-judgmental and nurturing way.

Our world is a mirror and if the way of change from inside to outside doesn't work, then there is always the opposite solution: working from outside in.

You can try being the change in stead of waiting for change. Together we can find ways of life and going about relationships that will bring about the change you need. 

Whatever you need a listeing ear for, I'm here for you. 

I'm a born intuitive and can act as a channel to bring forth wisdom from your higher self.

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Reiki Healing

Reiki is a wonderful way to re-balance all channels in the body and open up ways for the body to release and receive.

Whatever it is your body is struggeling with,

or if you just want a very relaxing attunement, Reiki is for you!


In a Reiki session we will go through a full body scan with healing hands. I will be able to channel through messages your body and guides have for you. 

I'm a Level 3 Reiki master and a born intuitive.

I can act as a channel to bring forth wisdom from your higher self.

  • Holistic living, Nutrition and Spiritual Guidance

    1 hr

    600 Norwegian kroner
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